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US Federal SIC Codes
List of SIC Codes
Industrial Directory By SIC Codes

Manufacturing   (85020 Companies)
Apparel and Other Textile Products
Chemicals and Allied Products
Electrical Equipment and Components
Food and Kindred Products
Furniture and Fixtures
Industrial/Commercial Machinery/Computer Equip
Leather and Leather Products
Lumber and Wood Products
Paper and Allied Products
Petroleum and Coal Products
Printing and Publishing
Rubber/Misc. Plastic Products
Stone, Clay, Glass and Concrete Products
Textile Mill Products
Tobacco Manufacturing
Transportation Equipment

Agriculture & Forestry   (413 Companies)
Agriculture Production - Crops
Livestock and Animal Specialties
Agriculture Services

Mining   (1335 Companies)
Coal/Lignite Mining
Forestry Metal Mining
Oil and Gas Extraction

Wholesale Trade   (47760 Companies)
Durable Goods
Non-Durable Goods

Construction   (8138 Companies)
General Building Contractors
Heavy Construction Contractors
Special Trade Contractors

Retail Trade   (7231 Companies)
Apparel & Accessory Stores
Automobile Dealers & Gasoline Service Stations
Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supplies ...
Eating & Drinking Places
Food Stores
General Merchandise Stores
Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment Stores
Miscellaneons Retail

Transportation   (6075 Companies)
Electric, Gas & Sanitary Services
Local, Suburban Transit & Interurban Hwy Pass
Motor Freight Transportation
Pipe Lines, Except Natural Gas
Railroad Transportation
Transportation By Air
Transportation Services
Water Transportation

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