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 INTERPIPE EQUIPMENT LLC - Phoenix, AZ Phone: (602) 278-0078
SIC code 3715          NAICS code 336212
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.interpipeequipment.com

Products : Manufacturers Mobile Tankers for Fuel or Water, Water Towers, Water Trucks, Lube Trucks, Oil Trucks, Vacuum Trucks, Fuel, Lube, Water Trailers, Fire Tenders, Aircraft Refulers, Mini Tankers, Custom Engineered Mobile Tanks
 JOOR MANUFACTURING INC - Escondido, CA Phone: (760) 745-0971
SIC code 3443          NAICS code 33242
Company profile     - Email this company

Products : Manufacturers of Steel Above Ground Storage Tanks, Steel Above Ground Fire Rated Storage Tanks, Underground Double Wall Storage Tanks, Underground Oil Water Separators, Underground Stage Tanks
 KENNEDY TANK & MANUFACTURING COMPANY I - Indianapolis, IN Phone: (317) 787-1311
SIC code 3795          NAICS code 336992
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.kennedytank.com

Products : Vessels, API, STI, Storage Tanks, Steel Tanks, Pressure Vessels, ACT-100, Pressure Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Steel Fabrication, Alloy Fabrication, Custom Fabrication, Field Construction, Liquid Handling Equipment, CAD Design
 MID-STATE TANK COMPANY INC. - Sullivan, IL Phone: (217) 728-8383
SIC code 3795          NAICS code 336992
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.midstatetank.com

Products : Tanks & Tanks Components, Metal Tanks, Stainless Steel Tanks, Agricultural Tanks, Fire Tanks, Accessories
 NOVA FABRICATING INC. - Avon, MN Phone: (320) 356-7358
SIC code 3312          NAICS code 331111
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.nova-fab.com

Products : Stainless Steel Tanks Trailer, Storage & Process Tanks, Architectural Column Covers, Miscellaneous Fabrication
 RED EWALD INC. - Karnes City, TX Phone: (830) 780-3304
SIC code 3089          NAICS code 326199
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.redewald.com

Products : Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic ( FRP ) Tanks , Fiberglass Chemical Storage Tanks, RTP Tanks, Fiberglass Ducting, FRP Ducts, Aquaculture / Fertilizer Storage Tanks, Rain Water Collection Tanks, Quick Move / Tilt Trailers, Agriculture Tanks, Process Vessel

 ROY E. HANSON JR. MANUFACTURING - Los Angeles, CA Phone: (213) 747-7514
SIC code 3443          NAICS code 33242
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.hansontank.com

Products : Tanks, Steel Pressure Vessels, Stainless & Carbon Steel ASME Pressure Vessels, Air Receivers, Water Storage Tanks, Blowdown Tanks, Expansion Tanks, Filter Tanks, Hydropneumatic Tanks, Propane Tanks, Refrigeration Vessels, Industrial Pressure Vessels
 SARGENT FLETCHER INC. - El Monte, CA Phone: (626) 402-2000
SIC code 3728          NAICS code 336413
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.sargentfletcher.com

Products : Aerospace Products, External Fuel Tank, Probe & Drogue Aerial Refueling System, Pylons, Cargo Pods, Aerial Refueling Tank System, Special Purpose Pods, Pneumatic Ejector, Smart Multiple Ejection Rack, Pneumatic Release Equipment, Pneumatic Ejection Rack
 THE WITTEMANN COMPANY INC. - Palm Coast, FL Phone: (904) 445-4200
SIC code 3556          NAICS code 333294
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.wittemann.com

Products : Brewery Equipment: CO2 Equipment Soft Drink Industry, Build CO2 Equipment for- Brewery Industry, Chemical Industry, Food Industry, CO2 Recovery for- Brewing/Distilling & Microbrewing, CO2- Purifying System, Generation, Extraction from Stack Gas
 THRUSH COMPANY INC. - Peru, IN Phone: (765) 472-3351
SIC code 3822          NAICS code 334415
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.thrushco.com

Products : Hydronic Heating Equipment, Centrifugal Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Pressurizer Boosters, Valves, Tube Bundles, Stock Circulator Pumps, Thrush Duplex Commercial Pressurizer, Packaged Systems, AX Series Tanks, Triple Duty Valves, Air Separators
 UNITED PRECAST INC. - Mt. Vernon, OH Phone: (740) 393-1121
SIC code 3272          NAICS code 32739
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.unitedprecast.net

Products : Concrete Bridge Beams, Septic Tanks, Aeration Tanks, Sand Filters, I-Beam, Lift Stations, Man Holes, Tanks, Catch Basins, Jet Tank Riser, Lid for Jet Tank Riser, Vented Lid, Motor Casting, Inspection Box Riser, Pail Chlorine Tablets, Chlorinator Box
 ACROMIL CORPORATION - Los Angeles, CA Phone: (626) 964-2522
SIC code 3724          NAICS code 336412
Company profile

Products : Assembly and Machining

 CHARLES E. GILLMAN COMPANY - Rio Rico, AZ Phone: (520) 281-1141
SIC code 3795          NAICS code 336992
Company profile         http://www.gillman.com

Products : Manufactures Military Vehicle Components, Wiring Devices, Cable, Harness, Wire, Cable Assemblies, Rf Microwave, Connectors, Integrative Services, Harness Components, Integration, Backshells, Adapters, Semi-Rigid Cable, Potted, Heat Shrinkable
 INDUSTRIAL PIPE & PLASTICS OF LOUISIAN - Lake Charles, LA Phone: (337) 439-9322
SIC code 3084          NAICS code 326122
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.ippfrp.com

Products : Fiberglass Pipes, Pipes, Tanks
 JOHNSON MARCH SYSTEMS INC - Warminster, PA Phone: (215) 364-2500
SIC code 3823          NAICS code 334513
Company profile

Products : Industrial Measuring, Cntrl Instr, Fabricated Pipe & Pipe Fittings, Tanks & Tank Components,
 LEAR SIEGLER MOBILITY CENTER - Texarkana, TX Phone: (903) 831-4645
SIC code 3795          NAICS code 336992
Company profile

Products : Rebuild & refurbish military tanks
 O'GARA-HESS & EISENHARDT ARMORING COMP - Fairfield, OH Phone: (513) 874-2112
SIC code 3711          NAICS code 336992
Company profile

Products : Manufacture Armored Vehicle, Parts & Military Armor
 RONAL INDUSTRIES INC - Port Chester, NY Phone: (914) 937-5345
SIC code 3795          NAICS code 336992
Company profile

Products : Manufactures transmissions for military tanks
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