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Category Description: Rolling, Drawing, and Extruding of Nonferrous Metals, Except Copper and Aluminum
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 ADMIRAL METALS - Woburn, MA Phone: (781) 933-8300
SIC code 3351          NAICS code 331421
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.admiralmetals.com

Products : Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Beryllium, Bearing Bronze, Stainless Steel, Custom Extrusions, Specialty, Non Ferrous Metals, Metal Service Center
 AEROSPACE WIRE & CABLE INC - College Point, NY Phone: (718) 358-2345
SIC code 3356          NAICS code 331491
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.aerospacewire.com

Products : Coaxial Cable Manufacturer, Plenum Cable, High Temperature Cable, Teflon Cable, Teflon Wire, High Temperature Wire, Electronic Wire, Electronic Cable, Electric Cable, Electric Wire, Thermocouple Cable, Custom Design Cable
 ALPHA FRY TECHNOLOGY - Altoona, PA Phone: (814) 946-1611
SIC code 3341          NAICS code 331492
Company profile         http://www.frytechnology.com

Products : Secondary Smelting & Refining Nonferrous, Chemicals, Primary Smelting, Refining Nonferrous Material, Tin / Lead Solder, Lead-Free Solder, Solder Paste, Preforms, Anodes, Powder, Extruded Products, Acoustilead, Babbitt, Battery, Bearing, Fuses
 APPLIED MAGNESIUM INTERNATIONAL LTD. - Denver, CO Phone: (303) 367-0960
SIC code 3369          NAICS code 331528
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.appliedmag.com

Products : Magnesium Extrusions & Fabricated Magnesium Products, Strontium, Calcium, Sacrificial Anodes, Galvorods, Galvomag, Galvoline, Water Heater Anodes, Magnesium Alloys, Granules, Turnings, Mag-Cal, Cal-Al
 BELLMAN-MELCOR INC. - Tinley Park, IL Phone: (708) 532-5000
SIC code 3496          NAICS code 332618
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.bellmanmelcor.com

Products : Fabricated Wire Products, Rolling Drawing Extruding - Nonferrous Material, Metal Stampings NEC, Silvaloy, Brazing Performs, Brazing Wire, Brazing Flux, Brazing & Soldering Products, Silver Brazing Alloys, Copper Phosphorous / Aluminum Alloys & Preforms.
 CARBIDE METALS INC. - Youngstown, OH Phone: (330) 788-6541
SIC code 2819          NAICS code 325188
Company profile     - Email this company

Products : Carbide Metals Products, Rolling Drawing Extruding, Nonferrous Material, Tools

 CARPENTER TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION - Reading, PA Phone: (610) 208-2000
SIC code 3312          NAICS code 331111
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.cartech.com

Products : Carpenter Technology, CarTech, Stainless Steel, Specialty Alloys, Titanium, Engineered Products, Project 70®+ , BioDur ®, MicroMelt ®, Stainless Machining Bar, Pyromet®, Specialty Metals, Custom 465 ®, ULTRABART
 CLAD METALS LLC - Canonsburg, PA Phone: (724) 746-1500
SIC code 3312          NAICS code 331221
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.cladmetals.com

Products : Clad Metals, Roll Bonding, Stainless, Steel Clad Aluminum, Multi-Ply Blanks, Copper, Cookware Metal, Custom Cladding, Bonding Metal Services, Metal Cladding, Metal Specialties, Steel Composite, Roll Bonded Metal, Metals Corrosion Resistant
 CLAUDE SINTZ INC. - Deshler, OH Phone: (419) 278-1010
SIC code 3714          NAICS code 336399
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.claudesintz.com

Products : Rod, Tubes, Manufacturers of Automobile Parts, Supplies, Hardware
 DEARBORN / CDT - Wheeling, IL Phone: (847) 459-1000
SIC code 3357          NAICS code 331491
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.dearborn-cdt.com

Products : Electronic Wire, Cable, Insulation, Assemblies, Hookup Wire, Braided Strand Copper Wire: Flats, Ovals, Rounds, Stranded Copper. Multiconductor, Tubing, Coaxial Cable, Power Cable, Cable Assemblies
 ED FAGAN INC. - Franklin Lakes, NJ Phone: (201) 891-4003
SIC code 5051          NAICS code 42151
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.edfagan.com

Products : Metal Specialties, Electrometallurgical Product: Steel, Primary Smelting & Refining of Copper, Glass-to-Metal Sealing Alloys, Low Expansion Alloys, Kovar, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Invar, Magnetic Shielding Alloys, Electronic Grade Nickel, Beryllium Copper
 ELGILOY L.P. - Elgin, IL Phone: (847) 695-1900
SIC code 3339
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.elgiloy.com

Products : Nickel-Based Alloys, Strip, Wire, Titanium, Cold Rolling, Annealing, Slitting Light Gauge Foils, Custom Finishing

 ESCO TURBIN TECHNOLOGIES - SYRACUSE - Chittenango, NY Phone: (315) 687-0014
SIC code 3324          NAICS code 331512
Company profile         http://www.graysyracuse.com

Products : Manufactures Investment Castings, Ferrous, Nickel, Cobalt Base Alloys, Air & Vcuum Melting, Investment Castings for Aerospace, industrial Gas Turbines, Armament, Micro-Turbine, Turbochargers and Premium Industrial Market Segments
 HAYNES INTERNATIONAL INC. - Kokomo, IN Phone: (765) 456-6000
SIC code 3356          NAICS code 331492
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.haynesintl.com

Products : High Performanance Alloys, HASTELLOY, Nickel Alloys, Cobalt Alloys, ULTIMET, Sheet, Plate, Bar, Billet, Wire, Tubing, Welded Pipe, Tubulars, Fittings, Flanges, Manufacturer, Corrosion Resistant, High Temperature Alloys, Corrosion Alloys
 HOSKINS MANUFACTURING COMPANY - Hamburg, MI Phone: (810) 231-1900
SIC code 3356          NAICS code 331491
Company profile

Products : Nonferrous Rolling & Drawing
 HUSSEY COPPER LTD. - Leetsdale, PA Phone: (724) 266-1550
SIC code 3369          NAICS code 331528
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.husseycopper.com

Products : Manufacture Custom Parts, Nonferrous Metal Forgings, Copper Plates, Brass Plates, Stainless Steel, Flanges, Rods, Bars, Copper Based Metal Alloys, Nickel Based Metal Alloys, Rings, Discs, Tubesheets, High Conductivity Coppers
 INCO ALLOYS INTERNATIONAL INC. - Newton, NC Phone: (828) 465-0352
SIC code 3356          NAICS code 331491
Company profile         http://users.twave.net/inco

Products : Nickel Welding, Plasma Spray, Thermal Spray, Sub Arc Welding, Strip Clad Welding, Fluxes, Nickel-Copper, Cast Iron, Nickel-Iron-Manganese, Nickel-Chromium-Cobalt-Molybdenum, Nickel-Chromium-Iron, Nickel Alloys
 JOHNSON BROS. METAL FORMING COMPANY - Berkeley, IL Phone: (708) 449-7050
SIC code 3449          NAICS code 332114
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.JoBroCo.com

Products : Roll Formed Parts since 1948. All Metals: Prefinished / Plain. Profiles, Channels, Shapes, Rails, Strips, Mouldings, Trim, Slats, Hats, Angles, Rings, Frames, Lockseam / Openseam Tubing. Inline Holes, Slots, Miters, Ring Bending. 2ndary Fab & Assembly
 KESTER SOLDER CO. - Des Plaines, IL Phone: (847) 297-1600
SIC code 3356
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.kester.com

Products : Solders & Soldering Fluxes, Solder Paste, Polymerproducts, Bar Solder & Plating Anodes, Flux Pens, Temporary Solder Masks and Adhesives
 MI-TECH METALS, INC. - Indianapolis, IN Phone: (317) 549-4290
SIC code 3356
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.mi-techmetals.com

Products : Powdered Metal Products, Bars Alloys, Tungsten Alloys, Refractory Metal Composites, Copper Tungsten, Silver Tungsten
 MICROTUBE FABRICATORS INC. - Middlesex, NJ Phone: (732) 469-7420
SIC code 3498          NAICS code 332996
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.handytube.com

Products : Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy, Titanium, Duplex, Carbon, Alloy Steel Tubing, Metal Medical Tubing, Instrumentation Tubing, Stick Tubing, Aircraft Tubing, Semiconductor, Petrochemical Tubing, Oil & Gas Industry Applications
 MINTEQ INTERNATIONAL INC. - Easton, PA Phone: (610) 250-3111
SIC code 3297          NAICS code 327125
Company profile         http://www.mineralstech.com

Products : Refractory Materials, Metals, Mineral Processing, Glass Refractories for Iron & Steel Applications, Cement & Lime Industries, Pyrolytic Graphite & Finished Pyrolytic Graphite Components
 MULTICORE SOLDERS, INC. - Richardson, TX Phone: (972) 238-1224
SIC code 3356          NAICS code 331491
Company profile         http://www.multicore.com

Products : Solder Wire, Bar, Cream, Fluxes, Adhesives, ISO 9000, QS 9000
 OUTOKUMPU COPPER VALLEYCAST LLC - Kimberly, WI Phone: (920) 749-3838
SIC code 3356          NAICS code 331491
Company profile         http://www.valleycast.com

Products : Heat Transfers, Exchangers, Steel Products, Stainless, Radiators, Copper, Metallurgy, Metal Smelting, Refining, Processing, Industry, Fabrication, Tube, Filters, Alloy, Alloys, Blend, Blends, Temper, Wire, Strip, Zipper, Brass, Nick, Silver, Bronze
 PCC STRUCTURALS INC. - Portland, OR Phone: (503) 777-3881
SIC code 3312          NAICS code 331221
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.pccstructurals.com

Products : Produces Investment Castings for Aerospace, Power Generation, Automotive, PCC, Precision Castparts Corp, PCC Structurals Inc, Casting School, Medical Prosthetics, Industrial Gas Turbines, Titanium, Steel, Nickel Based Super Alloys, Aerospace, Alloy Sale
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