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Category Description: Electronic Components, NEC
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 3M - New Albany, IN Phone: (812) 945-0211
SIC code 3679          NAICS code 334419
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.robinsonnugent.com

Products : Electromechanical Interconnection Devices, Electronic Connectors, Sockets, Custom Cable Assemblies, PCB Connectors, Fine Pitch Board Stacking, PCB To Backplane Connectors, PC Card Products, Battery Connectors, Cable Connectors, Cable Assemblies
 ABBATRON - Meadville, PA Phone: (814) 724-6440
SIC code 3679
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.abbatron.com

Products : Electronic Equipment, Test Leads & Coaxial Connectors, Electronic Hardware, Custom Screw Machine Products, Binding Posts, Test Adapters, Spacers, BNC Connectors, Phono Plugs, Phono Jacks, and Banana Plugs
 ABBOTT TECHNOLOGIES INC. - Sun Valley, CA Phone: (818) 504-0644
SIC code 3677          NAICS code 334416
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.abbott-tech.com

Products : Electronic Components, Designer & Manufacturer of Power Supplies, Magnetics, Inductors, Converters, Invertors, Chokes 500-2000 Watt AC-DC Switchers, EMI Filters, MIL-SPEC and QPL Transformers
 ACCU-TRONICS MANUFACTURING INC. - St. Paul, MN Phone: (651) 653-1961
SIC code 3679          NAICS code 334419
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.accu-tronics.com

Products : Electronic Assembly, Circuit Board Assembly ( Surface Mount / Thru - Hole Assembly ), Conformal Coating, Complete Turnkey Operations ( Schematic to Finished Product ), Testing Services ( Heated Burn - In / Functional Testing )
 ACCUSPEC ELECTRONICS, LLC - Erie, PA Phone: (814) 464-2000
SIC code 3679          NAICS code 334419
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.accuspecelectronic.com

Products : Electronic Assemblies, SMT Assemblies, Thruhole Assemblies, Cable Assemblies, Harness Assemblies, System Integration Coding, Burn-In Testing, Environmental Testing, Cut Potting, Form Potting
 ACCUTRONIX MANUFACTURING SERVICES - Owingsville, KY Phone: (606) 674-6319
SIC code 3672          NAICS code 334412
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.amsems.com

Products : Assembly of Multi-Technological Circuit Boards, Electro-Mechanical Products, Cable Harnesses, Surface Mount Technology, Stress Screenings, Automated Assemblies, In-Circuit Testings, SMT Assemblies, PTH Assemblies, Industrial Products, Computer Products

 ACF COMPONENTS & FASTENERS, INC. - Hayward, CA Phone: (510) 487-2100
SIC code 5072          NAICS code 42171
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.acfcom.com

Products : Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Pins, Washers, Electronic Hardware, Screw Machine Parts, Cold-Headed Specials, JIT Inventory, Precision Components, ISO-9001 Certified, Minority Supplier, Cable Ties, Connectors, Handles, Terminals
 ACHIEVA - PARC-WAY INDUSTRIES - Pittsburgh, PA Phone: 412-995-5000 x501
SIC code 3679          NAICS code 334419
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.achieva.info

Products : Electronic Components & Equipment, Pallets, Crates, Skids, Wiring, Packaging, Assembly, Collating, Labeling.
 ADDONICS TECHNOLOGIES - Fremont, CA Phone: (510) 438-0233
SIC code 3679
Company profile         http://www.addonics.com

Products : Leading Supplier in the Personal Computer Add-on Market , Portable Storage Solution for Mobile Computers, Sound Cards, and Memory Modules , Portable CD-ROM , ZIP drive, SuperDisk drive, DVD ROM,Hard Drive and CD-R/CD-RW
 AEM INC. - San Diego, CA Phone: (619) 481-0210
SIC code 3679
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.aem-usa.com

Products : Passive Component Industry, Ferrite Chip EMI Suppressors for GHZ Band, Multilayer Inductive Componenets,Ferrite Chip Beads, Ferrite Power Beads, Ferrite Inductors, Ceramic Inductors, Protective Components, Li-Ion Battery Coater, Stacking and Lamination
 AEROFLEX TEST SOLUTIONS - Lenexa, KS Phone: (913) 693-1700
SIC code 3728          NAICS code 336413
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.aeroflex.com

Products : Electronic Aviation Test Equipment, Automatic Test Equipment, Custom Test Equipment, Autothrottle Computers, Flight Control, RF Test Equipment, Hydraulic Brake Systems, Air Data Testers, SatelliteReceivers, Fuel System Test, IFF Test Equipment
 AEROSPACE DISPLAY SYSTEMS - Hatfield, PA Phone: (215) 822-6090
SIC code 3679          NAICS code 33422
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.aerospacedisplay.com

Products : Liquid Crystal Display Systems for Aircraft Industries, Aircraft Clocks

 AEROSPACE INTERCONNECT SYSTEMS INC. - Titusville, FL Phone: (321) 383-0711
SIC code 3679          NAICS code 334419
Company profile     - Email this company         http://ddi.digital.net/~ais

Products : Electromechanical & RF Cable & Harness Assembly, Wire, Cable, Wire Harnesses, RF, Coax
 AEROSPACE SYSTEMS COMPANY - Fairmont, MN Phone: (507) 235-3355
SIC code 3679          NAICS code 334419
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.nortechsys.com/aerospace

Products : Electrical Cable Assemblies, Design, Bulk Cable Fabrication, Cable Termination, Overmolding, Polyurethane Cables, Neoprene Cables, Viton Compound Cables, Thermal Shock Testing, Immersion Testing, Insolation Resistance Testing, Continuity Testing
 AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Santa Clara, CA Phone: (408) 345-8886
SIC code 3825          NAICS code 334515
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.agilent.com/find/wireless

Products : Wireless Test Products - Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Generators, Component & Material Analyzers, Wireless Test Sets, Power Meters & Sensors, DC Sources, Base Station Test Tools, Network Planning, Optimization, Installation & Maintenance
 AIM, INC. - Rochester, NY Phone: (716) 288-2220
SIC code 3679
Company profile         http://www.aim-mfg.com

Products : Electrical Wiring Harnesses, Cable Assemblies, Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
 AIRMAR TECHNOLOGY CORP - Milford, NH Phone: (603) 673-9570
SIC code 3679
Company profile

Products : Ultrasonic Transducers, Sensors
 AIRPAX CORP. - Cambridge, MD Phone: (410) 228-1500
SIC code 3613          NAICS code 335313
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.airpax.net

Products : Magnetic Circuit Breakers, Microcircuit Packages, Thermal Sensing Products, Bimetal Disc Thermostats, Electronic Temperature Sensors, Thermistors, Telecommunications Applications, Temperature Sensors, Power Protection Products, Current Serving
 ALAMEDA GROUP INC. - Compton, CA Phone: (310) 763-1611
SIC code 3769          NAICS code 336419
Company profile         http://www.alamedagroup.com

Products : Aerospace Assembly, Electronic Assembly, Cable Harness, Wire Harness, Sheet Metal Assembly, Electrical Cabinet Assembly, Wire Insulation, Dipping, Wire Coiling, Printed Circuit Boards, Integrated Chips, Flat Ribbon Cables, Air Craft Beams, Riming
 ALCATEL NETWORK SYSTEMS INC. - Milpitas, CA Phone: (408) 945-1070
SIC code 3679          NAICS code 334419
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.ferrocom.com

Products : Drop-In Isolators, Drop-in Circulators, Isoadapters, Iso-Filters, Iso-Detectors, Coaxial Connectors, Intermodulation Suppression Panels, Waveguide Isolators, Waveguide Circulators,Metal Stampings, Telecommunication Equipment
 ALL-STATES INC. - Chicago, IL Phone: (773) 728-0525
SIC code 3644          NAICS code 332212
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.cable-ties.com

Products : Cable Ties, Beaded Ties, Wire Clips, Saddles, Printed Circuit Board Supports/Spacers, Clamps, Stainless Steel Cable Ties, Heat-Shrink Tubing, Spiral Wrapping, Corrugated Tubing, Electrical Tape
 ALLEGRO MICROSYSTEMS INC. - Willow Grove, PA Phone: (215) 657-8400
SIC code 3679          NAICS code 334418
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.allegromicro.com

Products : Integrated Circuits, Power Sink Driver ICs, Power Source Drivers, Bridge Drivers, Half-Bridge Drivers, Printer Applications, LED Drivers, Hall-Effect Sensors, Adaptive Threshold Sensors, Automotive ICs, Archived Data Sheets
 ALLIANT DEFENSE ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS INC - Clearwater, FL Phone: (727) 572-1900
SIC code 3679          NAICS code 334419
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.atk.com

Products : Electronic Components, Antitank Systems, Demolitions for Special Operations, Electronic Warfare Systems, Fuzes, Infantry Weapon, Missile Warning System, Secure Electronics, Smart Weapons, Reconnaissance, Surveillance Systems & Electronic Test Equipment
 ALLSOP INC. - Bellingham, WA Phone: (360) 734-9090
SIC code 3651          NAICS code 33431
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.allsop.com

Products : Manufactures Consumer Electronics, Computer Accessories, VCR Cleaners, Tape, CD Cleaner, CD Storage, Maintenance, Mouse Pads, Glare Filters, Cables, Keyboard Drawer, Keyboard Drawer Underdesk, GuideWire, CD ROM Replacement Jewel Cases, Ready Tile, VHS
 ALTEC LANSING TECHNOLOGIES INC. - Milford, PA Phone: (570) 296-4434
SIC code 3714          NAICS code 336322
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.alteclansing.com

Products : PC Gaming, Desktop Theater, PC Music, Headsets, Headphones, Video Gaming, TV Audio, Personal Audio
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