Current Price List and Contract:

Customers joined online will pay the lowest current price as below.

      One-year term Two-year term Three-year term
1.  Enhanced 1st page e-commerce Ad listing with 25 products or key words with hyperlink to the website and e-mail.
(Enhanced listing will include Logo, About us, Product pictures with link and description, Catalog link to your website and more.(Registration and login required)
  US$ 682.80 US$ 1149.60 US$ 1,436.40
2.  Preferential 1st page e-commerce Ad Listing with 25 products or key words with the hyperlink and Logo only.   US$ 456.00 US$ 768.80 US$ 882.00


Prices are subject to change from time to time. Please call 1-800-316-2363 for special discounts. Discounts are offered for 3-year contracts and for multiple listings. Special discount pricing is strictly for a term of three-year term. Customers joined online will pay the full current pricing at check-out.

Terms and conditions :

  1. Websters Online, Inc. will publish company profile (other information) based on the information given to us at the time of listing or updating. Members will be issued a confidential company user ID to update information at any time and is included in the above pricing. Members are requested to check the listing info from time to time and update changes. Websters Online will not be held responsible for any typos or outdated information.
  2. The amounts as the case may be are payable in advance by Visa or MasterCard or pay at the PayPal using many other payment methods. Invoiced amounts are payable with terms net 30 days. Interest will be charged at 2% monthly on overdue amounts.
  3. Contracts may be verbal or in writing. Websters Online does not require a purchase order number or a written contract. If you require purchase orders or a written contract, you may fax it to 1-800-368-8959 or mail it to one of our mailing addresses listed Alternatively you may also print this page, sign it and send it to us.
  4. All contracts are initially valid for the terms selected or as agreed with our representatives. An Ad listing may be cancelled prematurely by payment of full amount of the option selected and or agreed.
  5. Your e-commerce Ad listing or the subscription will automatically be renewed for the future period equalling your initial listing period. A 60 days advance written notice is required to terminate your Ad before the expiry date.
  6. Terms and Conditions, this Price List and Contract are subject to change without any prior notice. The applicable new prices will be applied from the next new date of renewals for two and three year terms and further renewals thereafter.
  7. We request all our registered members to pass on this web address to their purchasing management and friends to source out their buying needs.